Inspiration at last. I thought I might never write another note or word ever again until tonight. Well, that might be an exaggeration but I definitely felt I had dried up lately. It may have been my trip to PS1 and The Sculpture Center yesterday, or maybe it was staring at a blank page long enough tonight but I finally began putting words to the music I had written months ago.

Empty Spaces is the first song I ever wrote out fully without music, just lyrics. When the music came it couldn’t carry the words so I had to edit them to the point where I was left only with my original idea. I was happy to get the first verse and chorus down tonight. I managed to sketch out the rest of it but it may be a while before I complete it.

A Better Life (720 Broken Clocks) is a strange one that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was a slow noodle that I found in my demos from over a year ago. Something about it kept bringing me back to it until I re-recorded it on my classical guitar at double the speed. Tah-dah! A song is born. It has some nice chords and melodies but I won’t be sure until it’s fully finished. I got two verses and a chorus down, I’m pretty happy with that.

Give Me The Fight I’m Looking For and Imperfect are two half-written tunes that refuse to finish the crossing line for now. Maybe later in the week I’ll give them a second chance.

So, after a brief spell of all music and no lyrics I’m eventually finding the words. It feels good. It looks like Supersmall may have its next record later this year after all.