Last Sunday I performed as the other half of So We Are at Innersleeve Records as part of my friend Joe’s book promotion. I’ve driven through the town on my way to Montauk but never had the opportunity to spend any time there. I was meant to stay overnight at Joe’s friend Tim’s place but I had to be back for 10am the following morning. Shame, the break from the city would have been nice. We had a short rehearsal in Tim’s studio and then onto the show itself.

There is something about the resurgence of vinyl stores that give me an overwhelming sense of optimism. Watching people browse the records, talking to the staff and other customers. It makes people appear all that more, well, human. Skimming vinyl is a two handed operation, all phones are put away. Although vinyl was before my time, it still reminds me of the hours I spent pouring over CD’s in record stores around Dublin in the 90’s. Watching bands play live to promote their record, sales, promotions and the whole host of characters you randomly bumped into. Buying music from iTunes is a little soul crushing. I hope the sale of new and secondhand records continue.

The train back to the city was crowded with loud drunk rich kids. It made for some unlikely entertainment, but I bonded with some fellow passengers in our mutual distaste for them. My iPhone was dead so I was out of music but a few gulps of a generous passenger’s whiskey made for some pleasant daydreaming out the window.

Road Gig Long Eddy, NY.

This weekend So We Are took a road trip north to Long Eddy, NY to perform at The Rock Valley School House. We all arrived early Saturday for lunch and after some rest we started again with a tasty BBQ and a libation-infused music jam at Joe’s cabin. The following morning we packed up and made our way to the Schoolhouse to perform. It was a full house and on two songs we were joined by friends Ward, Cliff and Matt providing some angelic backing vocals. After the show we all moved down the road to a converted church for some post show food and drinks. This gig was by far our best and most enjoyable. You could not have wished for a better crowd or venue. We even hit only some light traffic on the way back to New York. Marisa took a few photos, some of which I have posted below:

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News – January 27th, 2015

Life is life, you can’t change that. Rescheduled for the second time, I will be finally recording vocals this Monday for Silent Moon at Nuthouse Studios, but not before swinging by Moon Labs to finish ‘Take The Day Off’ on Saturday. This unfortunately is the balancing act of art & work & time & money but i’m looking forward to it.

Taylor, who created all the amazing artwork for the first record signed on again for Silent Moon which is very exciting news. She will also be doing a little animation work for an upcoming music video.

The music video! It’s here and finally happening this spring. Eliya Akbaş will be writing, producing & directing. He outlined his idea and I got to admit that Daniela and I are pretty excited about it.

I got to do something pretty cool recently and say hello to my family on Dublin City FM this previous Sunday. They heard it too, my mother commenting that she’s now an expert on the brain! (when wasn’t she?). Joe discussed his work in the field of neuroscience, The Amygdaloids and our duo So We Are. I go to talk a little at the end about Supersmall which was great.

The musical adventures continue.

Colin 🙂


Hey, Colin here.

Daniela gave birth to a beautiful and (more importantly) healthy baby girl last month, Abigail. I have not had a chance to visit as I’ve been struggling with a cough/cold/not-sure-what for a while. Not exactly the symptoms you want to have during the whole Ebola media frenzy. Anyway, I’m staying away from new-born babies and old people until I can shift it. The band will continue as always, except I’ll be doing most of the work (writing, shows etc.) until february or later of next year. I made some changes for now regarding music. I’ll continue to record and write the next album alone, we have half of the drum tracks done anyway. I’m also recording a solo E.P. of songs that we love but didn’t quite fit the Supersmall sound. The Amygdaloids are also on hiatus from its usual form and has become So We Are, an acoustic duo that is me and Joe playing Amygdaloid tunes in a slightly different flavor. It has already brought some interesting adventures including a recent gig with Rosanne Cash, I’ll write about that in a later post. I’ll also be recording with them in February for the new record.

Two weeks ago I had the great experience of recording a song for my solo E.P. with jazz musicians (bassist) Ray Cetta and (drummer) Coleman Barlet at Moon Lab Studio with Lane, the producer from the first Supersmall record. It was interesting listening to professional musicians working out their parts in a language I couldn’t understand. I cannot read or write music. It’s not an issue when you are a songwriter but it will probably hinder me a little in future session work. As soon as my voice improves I’ll return to finish the vocals and release it.

So, Supersmall continues onwards. Stay tuned for more news in the future 😉