Riff Raf Podcast #12: Helpful Advice For Indie Musicians

I was lucky enough to be asked back by the guys at Riffraf to be apart of their latest podcast “Helpful Advice For Indie Musicians”. It’s always great chatting with Richard and Tim, they’ve been incredibly supportive of everything Supersmall has done along with many other independent bands around New York. I highly recommend checking out their site, it reminds me of Q Magazine back in the nineties when it was great.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

Riff Raf

Riffraf Podcast: Plight of the Indie Musician

Tim and Richard from Riffraf chatted with me recently on their podcast about Supersmall, promoting our debut EP, This Other World, developing community, favorite places to play and eight things that an indie musician hates to hear. It was a lot of fun talking with these guys and you should also go check out their music magazine www.riffraf.net (think of british Q Magazine in the late 90’s – when it was great). These guys have been very supportive of the band from the beginning and are the classic example of how the indie music community support, survive and strive. I’m incredibly grateful that they took the time to shine some light on our music. They’re also damn fine gents too!

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