Update August 24th, 2014

I got to spend some time with our Producer Tom at the studio this week and go through the songs we plan on recording in September. It felt good to sit down with another songwriter and go through the material. Tom is an excellent guitarist and songwriter and has played in some awesome bands over the years. He can also be seen playing guitar in the fictional band Sideboob in Orange Is The New Black. Except for a few minor changes in how I strummed some of my “made-up” chords we were good to go. We chose the five songs we plan to focus on and two other possible songs. We will then return at a later date to finish the album with the remaining songs. ┬áHere are the solid five:

1) Home

2) Free From Harm

3) Silent Moon

4) A Better Life

5) Between The Sun & Candlelight

Only ‘A Better Life’ has not been played live and is still being ‘tweaked’.

After hashing out the songs we grabbed a beer at Hoboken’s only true dive bar DC’s Tavern which is a block away. It’s an awesome bar and I’m looking forward to having a cold one after each long day of recording.

I was a little anxious about switching studios, the quality of the material and dealing with bouts of writer’s block but as we approach the recording date I’m feeling damn good about it all. Everything has worked out fine and I’m looking forward to the new adventures opening up for Supersmall.

Home Studio Testing

I remember when there was a time that I loved nothing more than screwing around with my home studio making crappy little demos in the hope that something good would come of them. Experimenting with soundscapes, reverb, echo and various oddities that I’d found in the preset libraries of garageband and Logic. Then, in their infinite wisdom, Apple decided that I should upgrade my software on such a frequency that most of my hardware suppliers could not keep up. My beloved Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini was left in the dust and rendered all my microphones and other inputs invalid. I checked various websites for driver updates and whatnot but alas, no. The corpse of my prized input workstation was to be forever rendered null. We had history, I wrote This Other World with that crappy workstation. We spent many small hours of numerous mornings together after i’d drunk a bottle of wine as I sung my heart out. Almost all of these horrendous monsters were killed with fire in the cold sober light of the following day, but enough survived to fix, shore, support, sheath and float previous wreckages into something usable. As I worked on the next Supersmall record, I realized that without my home studio to work in, I was missing my best tool. So, I went out and bought a new, more modern input workstation. The super-cheapo Focusrite Scarlett 212, it’s as crappy and badly put together as it looks but hey, I was low on cash and desperate. I spent the day today creating my annual organic farm on the balcony and then retired to the back room to set up my home studio. It works like a dream. Simple and easy. To test it out I threw this little tune together to check the vocals, guitar, and bass. The song will soon be forgotten and the recording quality is not as good as the Mbox but it works. I’ll soon be recording demos for Silent Moon in no time.