Happy Birthday Supersmall

My band supersmall is four years old. Well, it was last month but i’ve been too busy to post about it. We recently played Trinity college in Hartford CT as part of The Amygdaloids (we make up the rythmn section – drum & bass), the following night we played the Heavy Mental Festival at Drom back in NYC both as Supersmall and again as The Amygdaloids and Monday I done my usual turn at the Four Faced Liar. At the last gig I got to play for only the third time an old song I wrote waasaay back when I was nineteen. It doesn’t have a title but I remember calling it “How Far” back in the day — i’m sure I can come up with something better. It got a great response and it was suggested I record it. It doesn’t sit well with the Supersmall material, it’s more jazz/blues but maybe if I find the time i’ll record it as a single.

As I write this i’m upstate in Long Eddy recording with The Rock Valley Retinue (more on that later) in a temporarily converted school house, inbetween takes of course. I’m on day 3 of 3 and i’m impressed wth how much work we got done on top of convertng it into a studio–it’s amazing how productive you can be deep in the woods with no cell coverage or WiFi.

Anyway, when I return there are a few scatered shows but i’m looking forward to focusing on These Dark Woods, Supersmall’s next record. It’s coming along nicely, musically of course…lyrics always take time. I’m inspired, so that’s something.


Supersmall – East Village, NY.

Anyway, four years, two records and still going strong.

Elmore Magazine


Overachievers they may be, but if “A Better Life” is any indication, here’s hoping this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship for Supersmall.

Elmore Magazine had the exclusive on our track “A Better Life” from our upcoming album Silent Moon. Album release date has been set for January 22nd, 2016.

Click HERE to read the article and hear the song.

New York Solo Six

I want to give this show some love. New York Solo 6 aka NYSolo6, is a show produced and run by The Bitter Poet (Kevin Draine) every first Monday of the month at The Four Faced Liar. It consists of six of NYC’s most dynamic singer songwriters playing in rotation. Besides the four regulars (including yours truly) there are always two different songwriters each month joining us. The bar is full, the beer is cold, and you’ll always hear something you love. So, come on out sometime, you’ll be glad you did.  Next show is December 7th.