Thanks Beacon, NY

Fun show at Quinn’s, Beacon, NY last night. Yours truly on bass for Ruby Rae. The venue is worth checking out if you are in the area. The show ran late so I stayed in a nearby hotel which always makes me feel like I’m on vacation even though I’m working. I played without my lucky bandana wrapped around the headstock and the world didn’t end. I guess I’ll have to revisit some of my core beliefs and drop this silly superstition.

The Bitter End

We played The Bitter End for the first time on Friday. It was a fun show at a historic venue I’ve always wanted to play. I’ve played there before as part of someone else’s band, but it was nice to perform as Supersmall. We were joined on stage by David Humphrey on saxophone and Ruby Rae on backing vocals to fill out our sound.

We also set out our first merch table…yes, Supersmall is now for sale.

On Tour in Texas.

I’d been meaning to write about this sooner but, y’know, laziness. I had a fun few days touring with Ruby Rae in Texas recently. I got to hang with some great folk, play music, drink beer and experience the south. All of my favorite things pretty much. Ignoring the band’s obsession with the card game Dutch Blitz, I think the photos below are enough to capture the whole experience. Also, eat at Whataburger if you ever get the chance.

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HiFi Records & Cafe

Yesterday I played a real fun gig at HiFi Records & Cafe as part of their one year anniversary celebrations. It was also a true celebration of all things local. (Damn fine) Beer was provided by Singlecut Brewery, wine by Crescent Wines & Spirits, all the food by Albas Pizza and The V Spot Latin Organic Restaurant and of course the music was by a bunch of local artists such as myself.

I can’t speak more highly of the small artist community that is centered around this incredible store and the support we all have had by the owner Javi. I have both albums on the shelves and it’s a buzz to see people buy it after an in-store show.


Sickwalt closed out the festivities with a high energy show. These guys are amazing and some real characters. I never try to describe other people’s music so all I can say is to go check them out.

FullSizeRender (1)

Go check out the Supersmall calendar – cool stuff coming up!

Modern Stories Mix

I had the opportunity to record a story for this wonderful podcast recently. It’s produced by the impeccable host  Julie Threlkeld at her studio in Westchester, NY. She works really hard on these and I suggest paying a visit to the Modern Stories Mix website and making a small donation so she can continue with her awesome work. Supersmall‘s music was used in it which was fun to hear. To listen, click HERE or on the image below.


Modern Stories Mix features Colin Dempsey, an Irish singer-songwriter, writer and storyteller based in New York City. He’s a cheerful presence at every show he’s in. Colin is also the singer and guitarist for the indie-rock duo Supersmall. Their debut album, Silent Moon, was recently released to positive reviews and is available everywhere.

Colin’s story, “Worse for Wear,” was recorded in the Modern Stories Studio in Westchester, NY and produced by Julie Threlkeld. Intro and in-story music includes “Take a Day Off (Instrumental)” by Supersmall and “Spaghetti Western” by Stickfigure. The outro music, “A Better Life,” is also Supersmall. This episode’s a Supersmallorama, because I think Supersmall is super.



Happy Birthday Supersmall

My band supersmall is four years old. Well, it was last month but i’ve been too busy to post about it. We recently played Trinity college in Hartford CT as part of The Amygdaloids (we make up the rythmn section – drum & bass), the following night we played the Heavy Mental Festival at Drom back in NYC both as Supersmall and again as The Amygdaloids and Monday I done my usual turn at the Four Faced Liar. At the last gig I got to play for only the third time an old song I wrote waasaay back when I was nineteen. It doesn’t have a title but I remember calling it “How Far” back in the day — i’m sure I can come up with something better. It got a great response and it was suggested I record it. It doesn’t sit well with the Supersmall material, it’s more jazz/blues but maybe if I find the time i’ll record it as a single.

As I write this i’m upstate in Long Eddy recording with The Rock Valley Retinue (more on that later) in a temporarily converted school house, inbetween takes of course. I’m on day 3 of 3 and i’m impressed wth how much work we got done on top of convertng it into a studio–it’s amazing how productive you can be deep in the woods with no cell coverage or WiFi.

Anyway, when I return there are a few scatered shows but i’m looking forward to focusing on These Dark Woods, Supersmall’s next record. It’s coming along nicely, musically of course…lyrics always take time. I’m inspired, so that’s something.


Supersmall – East Village, NY.

Anyway, four years, two records and still going strong.