Health and whatnot.

After a whole week in the recoding studio it’s going to be tough being back in the office tomorrow. It pays the bills, I guess. All energy from now will be spent on writing for the return in November. I’m forcing myself to write this on my balcony as part of my weekly writing exercises and I can feel a distant winter nipping at my toes. My balcony garden somehow survived my absence, thanks in part to a homemade improvised automatic watering system that actually worked. Its basil and peppers gave me an interesting pesto for lunch today. Growing food, always a good investment and I get a kick out of it. A pleasant surprise during the week was when Jennifer O’Connor paid the studio a visit and upon hearing that I was a fan, brought with her a vinyl of her latest album for me. I’ll be giving it a spin later before my show tonight at The Irish Arts Center. The big news to be honest is that I am now walking around without my cane and a belly full of Advil. I fractured my hip at the beginning of summer, and it has finally healed at the beginning of fall. The pain and inconvenience of reduced mobility means I will never take my health for granted ever again. It still hurts but it’s now bearable. As part of this new-found focus on my health, I even paid the dentist a visit after almost a decade long absence. Being my #1 fear, I admit I popped two anti-anxiety pills before going like the coward I truly am. Two cavities, not bad. Three needles, not so much. Anyway, I’m good for another six months.

‘..and I miss her’ and ‘the stars and sailors lost’ are two songs that need some work as it’s likely they’ll make the cut for the album, the former definitely. It’s going to be a busy two months but I’m pretty sure I’ll have these ready for November. I’m enjoying walking in this cooler weather, or maybe it’s just the walking. Finally.