Fall Winter Fall

Last week was a busy one: NYSolo6, New York Story Exchange, QED – A Very Special Episode, a rehearsal, one cancelled show (a treasured night off) and some other random stuff I won’t bore you with. Below are some pictures from the New York Story Exchange, a regular storytelling series that takes place downstairs at Cornelia Street Cafe. I’ve performed at the venue so often they gave me an artist discount card. I still have to get around to using it. Anyway, it’s the type of show I’ve really grown to love doing – being the musical act on a show not about music.

Now that the weather is finally shifting into winter, I am constantly being reminded of how much I love the city during this darkening time of year. Walking through the West Village, Washington Square Park or the Lower East Side on my way to a show seems that little bit more magical under street light. I’m sure as the air dips below freezing i’ll be quick to curse for summer. Until then I’ll enjoy the rest of the shows I have lined up and whatever other adventures are on the calendar.

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