Rockwood Music Hall – CD Release Party.

Supersmall invites you to enter the world of Silent Moon, their debut album after the successful 2013 release of EP, This Other World.
Supersmall Album Release Party
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-4155
Monday, September 28th, 7pm.
Tickets: $10 and includes album.
A little older, a little bit more experimental, the album takes you through a daydream-like stretch of jazzy melodies, retro-rock and songs sung out to sea. A truly original sound inspired by artists such as Neil Finn and Pink Floyd, there is a sophisticated balance of poetic lyrics that span religion to untraditional love songs, honest vocals and intricate guitar—all amidst an ethereal atmosphere of keyboards, strings and trumpet.
Click on the Soundcloud link below to stream the single A Better Life off the new album:

Album: Silent Moon – Day #1

Last week we returned to the studio to begin recording our first full length album, currently titled Silent Moon. Unlike This Other World which was pretty much recorded in a single day, we are spending several months on this one. The songs we have written so far sound quite different from the previous record and it will be interesting to see how they turn out after more time is invested in them. Our first day consisted of laying down separate scratch tracks (guitar, drums & vocals) for Home and Free From Harm. This will allow us to separate each instrument and vocal as needed (all sync perfectly in timing) allowing us to return to re-record each one again with more care and attention. This Other World was essentially a live recording with all the tracks bleeding into each other making it harder to edit, with Silent Moon we hope to be a little more versatile with the production. Lane our engineer and keyboardist helped re-write the ending to Home which was a little long to be honest. Anyway, It was a fun day and we took some silly photos and posted them below:

Take A Day Off and Walk (you’ll feel so much better) – Supersmall 2013

Below are the lyrics to a song I tested for the album we’re working on at our last rehearsal. I don’t think it will make the cut it but I liked the lyrics and am posting them below. It’s a fun melody but doesn’t really sound like, well, us. It’s based on advice my wife once gave me when I wasn’t feeling my usual self. I called in sick and walked to Williamsburg and spent the day watching the world moving perfectly on by without me.

Take A Day Off and Walk (you’ll feel so much better) – Supersmall 2013

You unwound this twister on the plain,
Turned down the earth until all that remained,
Was a picture of you, hanging back up the moon,
How could I do what I do without you?

I’m tying knots in myself again,
So I won’t forget that I still have friends,
Sink or sail on a wave, with the time we have left,
Who could I possibly be without them?

I’ll fade in the light,
Of an impossible daydream,
‘Coz I know a bar,
Can’t twist me back to right,
And i’ve tried, and i’ve failed,
So I phone up excuses so impeccably said,
For a perfect day, to lose myself in.

Everything’s new when the shadows are long,
Walking reverse into the long morning’s end,
But I know you’ll be there, and without the parade,
Of a dead saint nobody has heard of.

‘Take a day off and walk’ is all you could say,
So I took the rain over granite grey shade,
Watched the sun press the sky, and bruise it into night,
How could I do what I do without you?

I’ll fade in the light,
Of an impossible daydream,
‘Coz I know a bar,
Can’t twist me back to right,
But i’ve tried, and i’ve failed,
So I phone up excuses so impeccably said,
For a the perfect day to lose myself in.

Supersmall Album Demos

Album Song Pool

Album Song Pool

Last night I finalized my list of possible songs to work on for the album, we start recording on November 19th. I  was a little surprised to find that there were 73 songs (or demos to be more accurate) on the list. I admit, most are terrible or just scraps of lyrics and chord changes, but a lot are fully finished. It’s interesting to listen to them and hear the hurried tone in my voice as I try to capture the melody before it escapes me. In several you can hear that I’ve been drinking while one is of me singing an entire song into my phone in the restroom at The Poets House. When an idea hits you really have a limited time to get it down before it fades away. With 73 songs, or just over three hours of music, I hope to mine at least a few songs of value. Between now and November 19th i’ll be very busy going through all these. If last night was any indicator, I predict a lot of wine consumption and late nights. But it’s worth it. This Other World certainly was.