It took almost three months but I finally made my way to the upper west side to visit Daniela and her husband Yariv since she gave birth to a beautiful (and more importantly, healthy) girl, Abigail. We had been in regular contact due to the new record and a bunch of other stuff but it was nice to see my band mate in person again. Abigail is a well-behaved and curious baby with some fine taste in music apparently. My delay in seeing her was a lingering cough that took me almost six weeks to shift, not something you want to bring to a baby. This is also why I have not recorded vocals yet. After an evening of caching up it looks like we are back to the plan of finishing the record by spring and releasing it next summer. In the meantime I hope to return and spend a little more time with my new buddy Abigail. This Supersmall family continues to grow!


Hey, Colin here.

Daniela gave birth to a beautiful and (more importantly) healthy baby girl last month, Abigail. I have not had a chance to visit as I’ve been struggling with a cough/cold/not-sure-what for a while. Not exactly the symptoms you want to have during the whole Ebola media frenzy. Anyway, I’m staying away from new-born babies and old people until I can shift it. The band will continue as always, except I’ll be doing most of the work (writing, shows etc.) until february or later of next year. I made some changes for now regarding music. I’ll continue to record and write the next album alone, we have half of the drum tracks done anyway. I’m also recording a solo E.P. of songs that we love but didn’t quite fit the Supersmall sound. The Amygdaloids are also on hiatus from its usual form and has become So We Are, an acoustic duo that is me and Joe playing Amygdaloid tunes in a slightly different flavor. It has already brought some interesting adventures including a recent gig with Rosanne Cash, I’ll write about that in a later post. I’ll also be recording with them in February for the new record.

Two weeks ago I had the great experience of recording a song for my solo E.P. with jazz musicians (bassist) Ray Cetta and (drummer) Coleman Barlet at Moon Lab Studio with Lane, the producer from the first Supersmall record. It was interesting listening to professional musicians working out their parts in a language I couldn’t understand. I cannot read or write music. It’s not an issue when you are a songwriter but it will probably hinder me a little in future session work. As soon as my voice improves I’ll return to finish the vocals and release it.

So, Supersmall continues onwards. Stay tuned for more news in the future 😉