Tribeca Drive-In at Oculus Plaza

Annie Hall

Friday, October 6 Doors @ 5pm / Screening @ 7:30pm
(1977) Directed by: Woody Allen
Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Christopher Walken, Carol Kane

Comedian Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) examines the rise and fall of his relationship with struggling nightclub singer Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). Speaking directly to the audience in front of a bare background, Singer reflects briefly on his childhood and his early adult years before settling in to tell the story of how he and Annie met, fell in love, and struggled with the obstacles of modern romance, mixing surreal fantasy sequences with small moments of emotional drama. Special music performance by Supersmall before the movie.



Well this was fun — we even dressed up as Annie Hall. It made sense for this show but when I drove over to Brooklyn for a show right after with Ruby Rae at C’Mon Everybody, it didn’t make all that much sense anymore. Due to audience feed back though, Supersmall will be donning the waist coats for every other gig now. Judging by the photo above, if Wes Anderson had a band, it would be Supersmnall.

Photo by Ruby Rae — Colin, Daniela & Al.


Taken from stage – Annie Hall Opening Scene 


Tom Petty Tribute & Fundraiser

I was recently asked (and honored) to sing two songs at You Don’t Know How It Feels: A benefit show for Hurricane Maria. The event raised well over Four Thousand Dollars for the Puerto Rico disaster relief. All funds were donated to the Hispanic Federation. On top of all that, it was an incredibly fun show.

I knew most of the musicians from the local music scene and Hifi Records, a record store that not only kindly sells and supports Supersmall’s music but promotes a bunch of local artists also. It was great to see the community come together and do something like this.

To donate directly to the Hispanic Federation visit their website,

It was an incredible night due to event organizer Chris Pizzolo, Singlecut Brewery, Hifi Records & Cafe, Bareburger, The Bonnie Rocco’s Brick Oven, local musicians and everyone that drank, danced and sang along. I was very happy to be apart of it.

Here are some pics of the night. The professional looking B&W photos are by Patrick Merino of Objectsinmirrorarecloserthantheyappear.


P.S. Some nice promotional press HERE.

TV & Film & Fingers Crossed

Supersmall is now working with a publishing company to get our music in TV & Film. Our song “Free From Harm” was recently submitted for the film Dina. Even though we were not successful, they really liked the song and I thought it went very well with the trailer. It was Daniela that insisted on the stops in the song. I disagreed and we had a bit of a back and forth over it. In the end she convinced me and that’s how we recorded it. It’s funny to see it being utilized in the scene where Scott nearly gets hit by the bike.

I am also working with them with my new solo project The Last Campfire . I’ll be writing electronic music for submission to TV & Film and also releasing singles when and where I please. It is at the very early stages so I can’t say anymore about it right now.

Enjoy the trailer for Dina below.


Thanks Beacon, NY

Fun show at Quinn’s, Beacon, NY last night. Yours truly on bass for Ruby Rae. The venue is worth checking out if you are in the area. The show ran late so I stayed in a nearby hotel which always makes me feel like I’m on vacation even though I’m working. I played without my lucky bandana wrapped around the headstock and the world didn’t end. I guess I’ll have to revisit some of my core beliefs and drop this silly superstition.

Roscoe Singer Songwriter Festival

Some pics of a truly fun day out. I had the pleasure to perform twice at the Roscoe Singer Songwriter Festival, first on bass for Ruby Rae and then later as Supersmall. We ended the festival at our place up on the hill with our friends, Pizza and a bonfire.  Perfect.

Upstate Dates!

This Friday I’ll be opening for Phrogz at the beautiful The Emerald Ballroom in Narrowsburg, NY and then joining them on guitar. Sunday I’ll be playing a solo show at the historic Rock Valley Schoolhouse in Long Eddy, NY. I’ve played here before many times and it’s always something I look forward to. If you are in the neighborhood I highly recommend dropping by to either of these fun shows.