Live at The Barn at The Egremont Village Inn.

I recently had the oppertunity to perform a Supersmall solo set at The Barn at The Egremont Village Inn, South Egremont, MA on November 15th, 2016. One of the many advantages of playing such a great venue was also staying there for the weekend. The staff and locals were great and it snowed after the show turning an already beautiful part of the countryside into an early sample of Christmas. Check out the link above to the set. Also, be sure to check on the Supersmall website for all upcoming shows.


Ruby Rae

I joined this band as their bass player during the summer and have been having a ton of fun with them ever since. Fantastic musicians and all ’round great people. The songs are damn beautiful too.

We’re heading to Texas in the new year and may have some exciting news, but that’s all I can say for now. Below are two recordings of shows we done recently. Enjoy ūüėČ

Live at The Bitter End, NYC.

Live at Hanks Saloon, Brooklyn.

International Pop Overthrow Festival

Last night was a fun show at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Supersmall got to play our most pop-like songs and without the ballad-esque slower tunes the set was surprisingly more upbeat and energetic. Hmm, note taken for future shows. We are lining up some big shows for 2017 and of course I’ll be doing my usual solo shows around NYC. State tuned for upcoming news and whatnot.


Country Living – Roscoe, NY.


We own something! Welcome to Agloe House. How could we not call it this?

This spring Marisa and I decided to go cabin hunting upstate. We had done this before in the Phoenicia region about two years earlier but found what was on offer to be somewhat overpriced and not very interesting. Fracking was still being debated and very few properties had any substantial acreage. We gave up. In 2015 I done a bunch of shows upstate further west in the Long Eddy & North Branch area and we fell back in love with the idea of owning a cabin, and particularly in this area. I also found the rolling hills to be very similar to back home. They also banned fracking and we had saved a little more money. Why not?

After spending the whole day looking at various properties, this little gem was suggested by the broker after we exhausted our list. Above our original budget and a little more isolated than expected, we fell in love with it immediately regardless. A half kilometer private road through the woods took us to this little beauty on top of a hill surrounded by just under 15 acres of woods. Perfect. Two weeks ago we finally closed after jumping through the many hoops that is buying property. It is now ours. ¬†There is something to be said about grabbing a beer and walking into and exploring the woods late in the day. A bear had been spotted twice on our property recently but I’m surprisingly non plussed about it. I thought it would take a while to adjust but by the second weekend I was enjoying the peace and isolation. Turkey Vultures, Deer and some chipmunks have all let us know who really owns the place. Thankfully the bear has stayed away.

Chopping wood, keeping the wood stove burning, and trips to the local store(s) have kept me active. A big change from my sedentary NYC life. We couldn’t be happier.


Another New York Day

Last Thursday I had one of those lovely “only in New York” days that happen from time to time. I had returned from vacation in Montauk late Wednesday night and I was up early Thursday morning to do a show at the¬†NYU Kimmel Center as part of So We Are for the day’s festivities,¬†The Mind. At 11 am, I think it’s the record for earliest gig ever. Performing at these science events is always fun and interesting, especially being the nerd that I am. Afterwards I returned to my car I had parked in Williamsburg but not before grabbing a late breakfast/early lunch at my all-time favorite noodle place.¬†Seriously, if you are reading this and like joy and happiness, I highly recommend paying it a visit. It’s also one of two places along with¬†The Diamond bar that you will most likely find me in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area at any given time.

I returned to the city later in the evening as I had a doctor’s appointment near Washington Square, and then a rehearsal in the Lower East Side two hours later for RR. It was such a beautiful day that I decided to walk through the village on my way to the studio to kill some time. Walking down Bleeker Street I heard some thumping grooves coming from The Bitter End. Bass guitar on my shoulder I decided to walk across the street and peer in through the window. There on stage was one of my favorite bass players, Will Lee. Will until recently played with the CBS Orchestra, the house band led by Paul Schaffer for The Late Show with David Letterman. I had seen Will play several times due to generous VIP tickets my mate Jeff got me when he was performing on the show. I didn’t even realize that I was rocking back and forward out on the street to the music. Will looked up and seen me through the window and gave me a big smile and a nod. I wish I could have went in but I had to be across town.

Later, due to “vacation brain” I realized that I got the dates wrong and there was no rehearsal. So I grabbed a quick bite and made my way back across the village to the Four Faced Liar where I knew some musician friends of mine always hang out. Probably due to the beer, I found myself loudly obsessing over a Guild 1964/5 Hoboken built F20 guitar that I almost bought but didn’t. I guess this is my new focus now until I get one, or get over it. After a beer or two I left and made for a quick stop at the Kettle of Fish, in my opinion the best bar in town. It’s nice to walk in to a place no matter after how long and pick up conversations where you had previously left off. In my case it was over a year since I was there and it could have been five minutes ago.

Familiar faces, places and ¬†beautiful weather made a for a perfect day in the city. I don’t have much else to say about it except that there is no other place i’d rather be when the summer weather begins to cool off just a little. I’m not sure why I even wrote this, I guess i’ve been so busy with music and shows that I need to step back sometimes and realize that there are days like Thursday that could easily be forgotten.