A Better Life by Supersmall.

My band, Supersmall, will be releasing it’s album Silent Moon at the end of this month!

When? Monday, September 28th, 7pm.

Where? Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3.

How Much? $10 which includes a copy of the album.

Click HERE for tickets to the show.

Below is a stream of the first track on the record.

Montauk’s Silent Moon


It’s that time of year again, Montauk. I bring the guitar, laptop and a notebook filled with half-baked ideas and whatever happens, happens. Montauk Driftwood helps. You could say that it’s a routine. Silent Moon has many nautical references and this place is the reason. Montauk has changed over the years, and not for the better. We’ve since moved away from the town center and now stay along the Old Montauk Highway. It’s good to be back, and have ourselves drowned again by the sounds of the crashing ocean and crickets at night. All lit of course, by a silent moon.

Moon Wheel