The Big Day

Early one Saturday morning I rambled through the local store searching for toiletries. Standing in an endless aisle of multicolored multi-packaged choices I picked the same shower gel and deodorant I have always done without fail. I picked up fresh bread at the same local bakery, fresh fruit and vegetables from the usual corner stall and a coffee from the same ‘oul coffee place. Walking home I realized I made no real choices that morning, I simply followed a routine. An idea sprang into my head, and as I’ve said in previous posts – the best way to get rid of a nagging idea is to write it down.
The idea became a story of a man following a routine with careful precision. He would piece together his morning to prepare for something later in the day. Not knowing what for, I thought it would be fun to hide the clues in his preparation. Below I have posted it.
Stevey Boy has it all planned for “The Big Day.”
To read script please click on the below link: