Roadside Diner, Phoenicia, New York.

On the way to the cabin in Phoenicia, New York we passed a small Diner that sat isolated near the wood line. It was the only building on a long stretch of road about a mile or so outside the main town. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to return for a coffee the following day. I’ve always had a deep love of the classic American Diner and I try to visit them as often as I can. I managed to rope my mate Kyle in for the mini road trip.  
Upon arriving for our afternoon coffee we discovered that it was closed. Initially I thought it was abandoned but we later learned that it was simply closed for renovations. We took some pics and returned to the cabin. I thought I would post them here, kinda cool methinks.  
Plenty of car space.
Roadside Sign
Diner or Horror Movie Set? 
Damn! Closed
Diner & Sign.
State Route 28 Beyond.
Old Seating
Workman’s Tools
Rear of Diner Near Woodline.

Tire & Egg = Cool Roadside Sign.
We’ll Be Back.