I have been told by a few close friends back home that I should write more about the stuff I’m doing in New York and be less “Random” in my blog posts. This blog started off as a writing exercise but I must admit I really enjoy writing it. If it’s random it’s because I’m living that kind of lifestyle and I don’t mean that in a fancy pants kinda way. I just do really random stuff. Sometimes I’ll write music, or a short story or work on a script or obsess over my Basil plants. Yeah, I’m obsessed with Basil – don’t you judge me! It smells like heaven and I’m not even religious. 
As I write this I will have experienced an Earthquake and a Hurricane in the space of a week. Random? You’re damn fucking right I’m random. Well, I didn’t actually feel the earthquake because I was in Montauk asking my girlfriend to be my wife but that in itself is random I suppose. I spent all day bringing the Basil inside and disassembling the balcony furniture after I decided that tying them to the rails would turn them into unnerving deathly wind-chimes in 100 mph gales. I’ve been trying to keep Marisa calm while inside all I can think about is my neighbors being sucked out of windows along with their furniture and becoming projectiles that destroy The Bronx. Well that’s what will happen if everything Fox News says is true. Honestly I think it will piss rain, be a little windy and I’ll feel silly hiding indoors like a coward with my Basil, booze, bottles of water and emergency candles. 
So anyway, not to be random or anything…     
I done a show last Friday, not yesterday the one before, the better one. It was a story telling show run by my mate Leslie Goshko. It was my second time doing it and like before it was a ton o’ fun. I like the show because, well she’s awesome (as is her husband), but also because I know so many people who turn up for it. I love hanging out afterwards and having a drink and a laugh, which is what it’s all about really, isn’t it?  I’m also in a band with Leslie and Andy Christie (Another performer on the show and of The Liar Show fame) so we never run out of things to laugh about. Adam Wade was also on the show, I’ve met him only three times before but he is a gentleman, very talented and an all round good egg. 
I chose to do what my friend Stacia Jensen called “The Spock Thing” which evolved from a comedy show we produced for two years, back when we both used to do stand up. The show had a section called “Colin’s Bad Poetry Corner” in which I would research and perform bad poetry I found or was submitted by the audience and/or friends. I done this with relish as nothing can strip a man quicker of his dignity, masculinity or respect quicker than writing bad poetry. It has since grown to a 30 minute piece but I done the basic ten minutes of it on the show. Afterwards we drank and had a laugh which is always my favorite part of a show.     
Below are pictures taken of the show by the super fantastic Maryanne Ventrice. Check out her site, she’s not only very talented but a super lady who I love drinking wine with post show.   
Sideshow Goshko Performers.
Andy Christie, Leslie Goshko, Gilda Radner w/ Accordion, Colin Dempsey & Adam Wade.
Invisible Rubik’s Cube.
 I Am Not Spock.  

I Am Spock
 To Colm. 

KGB Bar Audience.

So there, that’s what I done in the last week. How random was that?