And We're Back!

Last Sunday we performed our first full length gig in a long time at The Sidewalk Cafe. I’ve been very busy doing solo shows and So We Are¬†so it was nice to be back on stage again with Daniela playing through our old songs and a bunch of new ones (marked below on the set list). The main reason we got an early evening Sunday show was that Daniela’s mother, Yaffa was in town for a week. She wanted to see us play live. Although she spoke only French and Hebrew she seemed to really enjoy the show, she even drank a Guinness afterwards. We had a great turnout and very positive feedback on the new material. Stay tuned for more shows. Some photos of the show are posted below.

Set List: June 14th, 20215 – Sidewalk Cafe

1) This Other World
2) Goodbye Old Friend
3) Free From Harm
4) Home
5) This Grenade Will Love You
6) Silent Moon
7) Siren
8) Wherever We Are
9) Everywhere
10) A Better Life
11) Riot

All photographs by M.Ruglio unless otherwise stated.


I’ve been pretty bad at updating this blog as of late. Anyway, I done a fun show Monday night called Talk Therapy which is hosted by the charming Lori Baird at the Three of Cups. We knew each other through Facebook but the show was our first real life interaction. I told the story of my childhood Kleptomania which has not seen a real audience outside that of various open mics I sometimes frequent around the city. The show went well and I got a cookie and a beer for my troubles. I’m currently on an Irish diet (beer only once a week) but I wolfed both down, the cookie I must mention was particularly delicious. After the show I hopped in a cab and shot across town to the west village to catch the end of my mate, The Bitter Poet’s E.P. release at The Four Faced Liar. All in all a fun night.

Talk Therapy

Album: Silent Moon – Day #1

Last week we returned to the studio to begin recording our first full length album, currently titled Silent Moon. Unlike This Other World which was pretty much recorded in a single day, we are spending several months on this one. The songs we have written so far sound quite different from the previous record and it will be interesting to see how they turn out after more time is invested in them. Our first day consisted of laying down separate scratch tracks (guitar, drums & vocals) for Home and Free From Harm. This will allow us to separate each instrument and vocal as needed (all sync perfectly in timing) allowing us to return to re-record each one again with more care and attention. This Other World was essentially a live recording with all the tracks bleeding into each other making it harder to edit, with Silent Moon we hope to be a little more versatile with the production. Lane our engineer and keyboardist helped re-write the ending to Home which was a little long to be honest. Anyway, It was a fun day and we took some silly photos and posted them below: