I recently found an old folder that I used when taking a Photography class in NYU around 2005. During this time I had writers block and had quit music. For almost three years I done nothing creative and worked solely on getting rid of my debts and settling into my new NYC life. Frustration began to show due to my artless existence so Marisa pushed me into taking a photograph class at NYU. Each week we learned about the science and art of photography. Building our own cameras and experimenting with different techniques. I loved it, I’d been interested in photography since I was young but never pursued it as a career. It was too much fun. 
In the folder I found some old photos I took during the class. I scanned them and posted them below. 
The class got my creative juices flowing and the following year after much procrastinating I decided to try comedy. This then led to everything I do now including a return to music. I view those three years as a reset. I work even harder than I ever did before. Anyway, I’m not in the mood to write about “art” or “creativity” right now. Let’s just say I’m glad I took the class. 

Old Day Job
Handsome Devil

The Fisher Landau Center For Art (& Daydreaming)

I am very lucky to live in a neighborhood that is surrounded by so much art. Anyone who follows this blog will know that I explore a little more of it each weekend and still manage to find something worth writing about. Last weekend as part of my ‘Art Day*’ I stopped at The Fisher Landau Center For Art  on my first stop. It was my first time visiting, and little did I know that I lived a ten minute walk from an Andy Warhol collection and so much more. This is what I found:

April Gornik, Untitled (Moving Storm), 1981. 

John Baldessari, What This Painting Aims to Do, 1967.

Edward Ruscha, Lion in Oil, 2002.

Kiki Smith, Untitled (The Sitter), 1992.

Mark Tansey, Valley of Doubt, 1990.

Andy Warhol, Myths, 1981.

Andy Warhol, The Shadow, 1981.

Jasper Johns, Flags, 1986 (Left) & Flags 1, 1973 (Right).

Daisy Youngblood, Romana, 1987/88.

Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1986.

**Susan Rothenberg, Tuning Fork, 1979.

Annette Lemieux, Sleep Interrupted, 1990/91.

Robert Gober, Crouching Man, 1982.

Museum Window. Colin Dempsey, 2012 (LOL)

* An ‘Art Day’ is when I leave the apartment on a Saturday or Sunday morning and try to hit as many art galleries, museums or live shows as possible on a full belly of food (4-5hours).

** This was my favorite: Susan Rothenberg, Tuning Fork, 1979.

Grace O’ Malley

On a recent trip to The New Museum I taped* an interesting video they had on display (I can’t remember what it was called but it was beside the emergency exit on the 3rd floor). As I stood looking at it I thought of Grace O’ Malley.

I had no plans this weekend so I worked on a bunch of stuff. This evening I made the following video for fun. I wrote the music and used the sound of the ocean that I had recorded on a recent trip to Montauk.

*Not sure how legal all this is. It’s just for fun.