TV & Film & Fingers Crossed

Supersmall is now working with a publishing company to get our music in TV & Film. Our song “Free From Harm” was recently submitted for the film Dina. Even though we were not successful, they really liked the song and I thought it went very well with the trailer. It was Daniela that insisted on the stops in the song. I disagreed and we had a bit of a back and forth over it. In the end she convinced me and that’s how we recorded it. It’s funny to see it being utilized in the scene where Scott nearly gets hit by the bike.

I am also working with them with my new solo project The Last Campfire . I’ll be writing electronic music for submission to TV & Film and also releasing singles when and where I please. It is at the very early stages so I can’t say anymore about it right now.

Enjoy the trailer for Dina below.


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