Country Living – Roscoe, NY.


We own something! Welcome to Agloe House. How could we not call it this?

This spring Marisa and I decided to go cabin hunting upstate. We had done this before in the Phoenicia region about two years earlier but found what was on offer to be somewhat overpriced and not very interesting. Fracking was still being debated and very few properties had any substantial acreage. We gave up. In 2015 I done a bunch of shows upstate further west in the Long Eddy & North Branch area and we fell back in love with the idea of owning a cabin, and particularly in this area. I also found the rolling hills to be very similar to back home. They also banned fracking and we had saved a little more money. Why not?

After spending the whole day looking at various properties, this little gem was suggested by the broker after we exhausted our list. Above our original budget and a little more isolated than expected, we fell in love with it immediately regardless. A half kilometer private road through the woods took us to this little beauty on top of a hill surrounded by just under 15 acres of woods. Perfect. Two weeks ago we finally closed after jumping through the many hoops that is buying property. It is now ours.  There is something to be said about grabbing a beer and walking into and exploring the woods late in the day. A bear had been spotted twice on our property recently but I’m surprisingly non plussed about it. I thought it would take a while to adjust but by the second weekend I was enjoying the peace and isolation. Turkey Vultures, Deer and some chipmunks have all let us know who really owns the place. Thankfully the bear has stayed away.

Chopping wood, keeping the wood stove burning, and trips to the local store(s) have kept me active. A big change from my sedentary NYC life. We couldn’t be happier.


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