HiFi Records & Cafe

Yesterday I played a real fun gig at HiFi Records & Cafe as part of their one year anniversary celebrations. It was also a true celebration of all things local. (Damn fine) Beer was provided by Singlecut Brewery, wine by Crescent Wines & Spirits, all the food by Albas Pizza and The V Spot Latin Organic Restaurant and of course the music was by a bunch of local artists such as myself.

I can’t speak more highly of the small artist community that is centered around this incredible store and the support we all have had by the owner Javi. I have both albums on the shelves and it’s a buzz to see people buy it after an in-store show.


Sickwalt closed out the festivities with a high energy show. These guys are amazing and some real characters. I never try to describe other people’s music so all I can say is to go check them out.

FullSizeRender (1)

Go check out the Supersmall calendar – cool stuff coming up!

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