Ruby Rae: The Uncanny


I performed on bass with Ruby Rae last friday at Rockwod Music Hall Stage #2 for their album release, The Uncanny. It was a total blast and the rehearsing really paid off. I had just joined the band a few weeks (maybe over a month?!?) earlier so I had to really jump in and get the music down. Coffee is great for that. The fact that I really liked the songs helped.

It sounded great, we filled the space and all upcoming gigs will be posted on my Supersmall calender (along with all the others: So We Are, Solo, Storytelling etc). It’s just easier to that way, to have them all in the same place. Plus, i’m lazy. One calender for all will have to do.

Anyway, the album is officially released, and now i’m playing bass in a band which I have wanted to do for a long time. All is good. You can buy The Uncanny HERE or stream it HERE. 

So what’s up with Supersmall?

Well, i’ve been very busy writing music and doing solo shows. I had been toying with the idea of expanding the band and we got ourselves, hopefully, a bass player. More info on that later.

As of now, there are two things that occupy my mind to the point of distraction.

1) My wisdom tooth is cutting through my gum and all the pain that brings. I am addicted to Advil.

2) Marisa and I just purchased 15 acres of woods upstate with a cabin on it, a damn nice one too. Maybe it’s the half mile long driveway up the hill it sits on, the rivers on boths sides or its impenetrable woods that surround it–but i’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible up there when all the paper work is completed. More about that next month I hope.

In the meantime, music.



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