Modern Stories Mix

I had the opportunity to record a story for this wonderful podcast recently. It’s produced by the impeccable host  Julie Threlkeld at her studio in Westchester, NY. She works really hard on these and I suggest paying a visit to the Modern Stories Mix website and making a small donation so she can continue with her awesome work. Supersmall‘s music was used in it which was fun to hear. To listen, click HERE or on the image below.


Modern Stories Mix features Colin Dempsey, an Irish singer-songwriter, writer and storyteller based in New York City. He’s a cheerful presence at every show he’s in. Colin is also the singer and guitarist for the indie-rock duo Supersmall. Their debut album, Silent Moon, was recently released to positive reviews and is available everywhere.

Colin’s story, “Worse for Wear,” was recorded in the Modern Stories Studio in Westchester, NY and produced by Julie Threlkeld. Intro and in-story music includes “Take a Day Off (Instrumental)” by Supersmall and “Spaghetti Western” by Stickfigure. The outro music, “A Better Life,” is also Supersmall. This episode’s a Supersmallorama, because I think Supersmall is super.



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