Stuff & Tings.


Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn.

It has been a busy few weeks but also good ones. My show at Pete’s Candy Store turned out to be a lot of fun. It was a late one on a rainy night but folks still came out. I did’t know anyone in the audience but they knew me and I sold a few CDs. I guess the promoting is working. It was my first time playing there and the sound was fantastic, the engineer was particularly helpful as I fumbled with a new acoustic pedal board for the first time. I used my Bodyrez pedal and i’ll never leave the apartment without it again.

My attempts at purchasing a Hoboken built 1965 Guild F20 crashed and burned after they refused to both work with me on the price and entertain a trade in for my Martin DCME. I spent the weekend in Montauk playing my Martin on the balcony overlooking the ocean and I can’t believe I actually tried to sell it. In hindsight, a wise decision. I have enough guitars, back to the songwriting.

Speaking of, These Dark Woods is finished, musically of course. Lyrics are yet again holding me back. I’m trying not to rush as I know they will come eventually but it’s difficult having to wait for inspiration after hard work fails you.

For a time you had all my senses / and held them hostage for a ransom of romance / but I can shake off these old clothes / and make a stranger out of what I once was. 

Lyrics above from one of the many unfinished songs I worked on in Montauk this weekend. It’s about moving on. The well needs to refill. The words will come on their own. I’m moving on for now.

I played an interesting and fun show Friday night right here in Astoria. The town’s only new & used vinyl record store, HiFi Records, has been very supportive of Supersmall and is selling both This Other World and Silent Moon from their shelves. I was asked to play in-store as the opening act for The Gantry’s record release party. Full house, free beer and good times.


The ocean, Marisa’s natural habitat.






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