Filming Farming

I had the very interesting experience of spending all day yesterday at Annie’s Acres in Manorville, New York recording live music videos for an upcoming documentary about my mate Joe. The songs were from The Amygdaloids catalogue, stripped down for our very own acoustic duo stylings (see – So We Are). The location itself is a farm, recording studio, film studio and rental where musicians can lodge and record for a monthly fee. In-between takes I ventured outside and soaked up the tranquility that I’ve grown to appreciate more and more the longer I live in NYC.

It was a great experience to be around the film crew and witness the work that goes on behind the scenes, quite a lot actually. When my parts were completed I drove through winding country roads to the south shore twenty minutes away with a cold beer I had picked up at a gas station and drank it on the beach. It was dark when I got there and clumsily scared away teenagers having awkward loud sex in a car I parked beside. Sorry. I’d been thinking of that one beer all day and it was worth the wait.

The musical adventures continue…


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