I’m Famous…kinda, not really.

Marisa and I were returning home from Sparrows, one of our favorite places to grab a beer on a Friday evening and stopped off at a local store. The owner is always very friendly as he sees Marisa most mornings and me most nights returning from a gig or rehearsal. We picked up a beer each, coffee and eggs for the morning. At the cash register he insisted on giving us the coffee and eggs for free. Confused but grateful we thanked him and made for the door. “I really like your band” he said. I turned as he continued “Between The Sun and Candlelight, that’s my favorite song”. I thanked him and left even more confused. It was only after we walked a block that I remembered giving him a copy of the record late one night after a Supersmall rehearsal. I’d been stopping to buy stuff while lugging the guitar around for years and he asked me about my music. I happened to have a few of the new CDs on me, so I gave him one and forgot about it. I walked back to the apartment with my free eggs and coffee like a rockstar…well, one that was very prepared for the following day’s breakfast.

Update: October 15th.

Coming home from rehearsal tonight I stopped off at the same store and only had to pay for half of my groceries. It was nice but also a little uncomfortable. This is my local go-to place, I don’t want them thinking i’m shopping there for free stuff now.

Update: November 6th.

Free chocolate 😉

Update: November 18th.

$2 off groceries.

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