Silent Moon

We done it! With Ross Otto joining us on bass, we played our new album along with some old tunes to a full house at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3. We worked really hard on this record and pushed ourselves a little out of our comfort zone to achieve something very different from the first that we are utterly proud of. We gave ourselves two years to do it, and we finished pretty close to the finish line. You need to do this when you have other commitments (day jobs, babies, other band commitments, lives in general). I remember writing the last two lines to A Better Life in my car in the studio car lot the day we recorded it. Tom, our producer jokes about how highly strung I was during some of the recording. I was. Two songs, Siren and Riot were finished in the studio while Take A Day Off was plucked from a solo record I was working on at a different studio. Anyway, now it’s finished. Although we physically gave away the album to everyone who attended, the digital release will be sometime in the new year. Thanks again to all who came out to see our show, as we begin promoting this one we have already begun writing the next. And so the cycle continues, the musical adventures continue…

All photos taken by the talented Thomas Pryor 

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