Nashville Road Trip – Day #3

Friday – Day #3: 

Nashville, here I come! Traffic was a little heavier than before and I felt a lot less isolated on I-40, even though it split into a tree-lined secluded two-lane road that hid all scenery from me. A few sporadic breaks in the treeline exposed lush rollings hills far down below. The colors outside the car turned a hint of gold and brown. I tried listening to talk radio again but opted for Boards Of Canada to match the eerie melancholic mood I had been in all morning. I honestly thought I’d be blazing country music while approaching Nashville but after three days alone, I found myself in a very calm zen-like state. Maybe eerie melancholy is not the right description, contemplative. I soon realized later in the morning that not talking to anyone up until then was most likely the reason. A rarity in New York City, and I liked it. As the Nashville skyline grew toward me I was a little saddened at leaving the beautiful countryside behind me. Although I found Knoxville a difficult city to enter (mostly due to road works), Nashville had me outside my Hotel in no time. Joe arrived soon after and we organized a quick rehearsal before our dinner plans for later.

We met Nicole, our event organizer and an established neuroscientist herself and Pete Finney, one of Nashville’s most well-known and accomplished Pedal Steel players for dinner. Pete would be joining us on stage for our two shows. They were perfect hosts, funny, friendly and full of local music history. After dinner we hit a speakeasy to meet some other folk from the event and called it a night.

Tomorrow is a full day, I’ll write about it tomorrow night.

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