Nashville Road Trip – Day #1

So We Are played two dates in Nashville recently. Saturday, we performed at Ingram Hall, Blair School of Music and Sunday we played at The Basement. The first gig was part of the Vanderbilt Music and Mind Kickoff to the 2015 meeting of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition, and the latter was for fun! Even though they covered my flights, I chose instead to drive from New York to Nashville as a solo road trip. I’ve wanted to do something like this for the longest time, and, well, I did. I wrote a little about it, see below for day one.

Wednesday – Day #1

I picked up Joe’s guitar, books and a bag (should ease his flight experience) from Williamsburg around 6pm this evening and then grabbed dinner to wait out rush hour at a fine spot I found by accident (coincidentally two blocks from the studio I recorded the first Supersmall record in.)  Slick Willie, in Greenpoint. I highly recommend it. BTW – Excuse my grammar and/or spelling and/or whatever as I’m writing this on the third floor of a wedding banquet hall/hotel on my laptop half asleep from a long drive. Traffic from the city sucked but I found myself on a new stretch of highway in New Jersey being blinded by the sun. As it dipped and faded it turned blood-red and lit up the sky like I’ve never seen before. Cell phone pics didn’t do it justice so I turned off the radio, rolled the window downSunset and let the 90 degree plus heat pour into the car and watched it fade into night. I don’t care about the stereotypes, New Jersey is beautiful. I took 78 all the way to Hagerstown, Maryland which is where I am now. I am pretty sure I’m the only soul in this hotel. I’ve already decided that it’s haunted. Road works all the way here and I’m also pretty sure that I witnessed at least two truck drivers momentarily doze-off at the wheel. Day #2 starts tomorrow. Time for sleep.

Click HERE for Day #2.

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