Damn Internet! 

I wrote a very long post tonight only to lose it to the cyber goblins while saving it as a draft. I’m too lazy to start again. I’m staying with family in Manalapan and was laying outside watching the sunset, sipping on some wine and writing. A perfect summer’s evening. The stars I can’t see in NYC came out and Venus and Jupiter were as bright as planes lining up for Newark. Now it’s all gone. Anyway, I bought a new guitar, but now I gotta choose one to sell to offset the cost (yes, it was that expensive.) I fell in love with the Gibson Custom ES-330 while using it in the studio. Tom, my producer found a used one online and now I own it. What does it sound like? I used it for the solo at the end of ‘Riot’ on the new album. 

Tomorrow the whole gang, along with friends will be spending the day at the beach. I cannot promise you that the next post will not be about the struggles with sunburn. Maybe if I survive I’ll try writing tonight’s post again. Probably not. 

Gibson Custom ES-330

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