And We’re Back!


Last Sunday we performed our first full length gig in a long time at The Sidewalk Cafe. I’ve been very busy doing solo shows and So We Are so it was nice to be back on stage again with Daniela playing through our old songs and a bunch of new ones (marked below on the set list). The main reason we got an early evening Sunday show was that Daniela’s mother, Yaffa was in town for a week. She wanted to see us play live. Although she spoke only French and Hebrew she seemed to really enjoy the show, she even drank a Guinness afterwards. We had a great turnout and very positive feedback on the new material. Stay tuned for more shows. Some photos of the show are posted below.

Set List: June 14th, 20215 – Sidewalk Cafe

1) This Other World
2) Goodbye Old Friend
3) Free From…

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