A whole lot less.

Creativity returns at last. The one stipulation Marisa had regarding our recent trip to The Bahamas was that I bring nothing, no guitar, notebooks or other tools of creativity. It was to be a week of nothing and that’s exactly what it became. A week of staring at the ocean, from the shade, getting lightly sunburnt through my clothes and finding relief in similar tales from other northwestern Europeans we met on our late night walks. Since returning I already have the starting blocks of a new E.P. already, who knows what I will eventually keep but it’s a pleasant distraction while I wait for the new Supersmall record to be mixed and everything else that comes after that. I feel the record is a good indication of the direction we are now going.

This time last year I had a fractured hip and was dragging my fat arse around town on a cane. The three days at Governors Ball was the final nail in the coffin of a growing hip injury. This year I went for just one day instead of the full three. I really wanted to hate on Ryan Adams because of his onstage feud with Neil Finn but he blew me away. A classic rock concert with an awesome backdrop of 80’s nostalgia.

Björk was Björk and as I discovered, not really a concert act. More a work of art to be viewed and appreciated. Several other smaller acts grabbed my attention but considering I drove there and back, mine was a sober experience with far less walking and just the natural high of witnessing Ryan Adams dissing Deadmous5.

Now summer seems to be here on a more regular basis, I can write on the balcony with more frequency than before. My sad excuse for a little balcony farm is slow-growing, even the basil is hard work. It’s the simple things though, really. there is nowhere else I’d rather be on a morning like today. So, I’ll end on a line from ‘A Better Life’ from the new record. “There’s more to life than this, I can feel it just beneath my skin and it’s just us, and a whole lot less”.

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