Update – May 24th, 2015.

Last Tuesday evening I spent a few hours in Moon Labs Studio with Lane attempting to wrap up the final and last song ‘Take A Day Off’. We got some interesting guitar pieces down thanks to his friend Alex, sounds very The Cardigans-esque. My original acoustic guitar was taken from the mix and the song was rebuilt as a piano driven song. After a few run throughs after that last session we felt it needed some electric guitar. I am sick again so I could not attempt a new vocal. This is something that I notice has popped up time after time as I review the older posts. I’ve been sick quit a bit the last year. It sucks. I’m getting older, my body anyway but my brain still tells me to act like i’m 19. Maybe some slowing down will aid my health so I can return and put this record to bed.

The artist designing the cover is almost done, first drafts look awesome. We will return in late June to mix the record over three days and that will set us up for an August release. It’s a little later than we expected but close enough.

That is all we have as an update so far 😉

– Colin

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