Bahama Mama

For the first time in (can’t remember how many) years, Marisa and I went on a proper vacation. We arrived at Freeport, Bahamas a little after noon today and have been doing little or nothing since. Normally when I take a vacation I use it to do music, record, road gig etc. We’ve had vacations in Montauk and upstate in various cabins but this is the first time in a long time were we left the country and stayed in a hotel on the water. Feels good. I’m writing this with a rum & coke on our seventh floor balcony overlooking the ocean. It’s windy and warm, palm trees down below are swaying back and forth like drunk spiders. The town is all lit up but not many people are out on the streets.

I left the guitar at home, along with notebooks and various unfinished projects. Supersmall finished recording our album and I’m taking the time to recharge and relax. It took two years to put it together. There were false starts and a whole bunch of songs that although we loved in parts, were never truly loved as a whole. We changed studios, producers, and managed to promote the first record all the while. I never found it to be work but balancing the day-job was very draining. Anyway, it’s done and pushed back to an August release. Relax.

I swam in the ocean, but it was the swim up bar were I looked like a fitness instructor compared to some of the other men. I’ll make sure it’s the only place I go shirtless.

Tomorrow brings thunder storms, like I care.

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