Yum’s the Word: Mister Softee – Awkward Sex Stories

I recently got to perform for a second time on Robin Gelfenbien’s storytelling series Yum’s The Word. This show was called “Mister Softee – Awkward Sex Stories”. Pretty much self-explanatory and I got to tell a tale I rarely perform regarding an embarrassing sexual experience that I hope never happens to any one else. I have posted the video at the end of this post. All photos are by the talented Nolan Conway.

If the pictures tell me anything, it is that my weighing scales doesn’t lie. I’ve put on ten pounds this winter, plus the other pounds I still had to drop since I fractured my hip. Now the weather is getting a little less depressing I should be able to go running again. Anyway, it was a great show and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun, well structured show with consistently great talent. Plus, free ice-cream & cakes (no I didn’t eat any).

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