Rosanne Cash

I had the wonderful experience of performing with Rosanne Cash recently. She joined Joe and I on stage at NYU’s Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life for the 3rd Annual Emotional Brain Institute Emotion in the Arts and Sciences Event. The event was hosted by Judith Regan, host of Sirius-XM Stars Channel’s “The Judith Regan Show,” and will be broadcast soon. More details on that to follow.

Joe and I performed ‘Inside of Me’ and ‘My Mind’s Eye’ and Rosanne Cash then joined us to sing ‘Mind Over Matter’. She then closed out the event with a few of her own songs.

Before the show began Joe asked me to grab my guitar and meet him back stage. I was introduced to Rosanne and was asked to play the song to her so she could rehearse it. After we sang it through a few times we were good to go. It was a little surreal, singing to and then alongside Rosanne Cash in a small backstage room. As I’ve mentioned before, she was awesome both on and off stage. After she performed with us she remained on stage to do her own set but not before paying me a lovely compliment by telling me that I was a ‘real guitar payer’. Something to remember indeed. As my musical adventures continue, this gig will definitely stick out. I posted some pics of the event below.


Colin, Rosanne Cash & Joseph LeDoux


Colin, Joe & Rosanne 


Colin, Joe & Rosanne. Full House!


Colin & Joe – So We Are

Emotion in Music and Science_Nov 2014_DRAFT_REV (1)-2

Event Poster

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