Back in the saddle again.

Yesterday I dusted off my bike, literally. It had been languishing in the filthy New York air all summer on the balcony beside a varying array of winning and losing crops. Due to my hip I had been unable to walk without a cane until recently. I took the opportunity of a beautiful day to test my legs in an 18K bike ride. This is not a lot for cycling but it was the first time since fracturing my hip in June that I done some serious exercise. I swam a few times but that was pretty relaxed, low stress stuff. I wanted to break a sweat. About twenty minutes in I could feel which muscles were good and which were in dire need of further activity. Cutting back on the booze and being careful with my diet meant I didn’t blow up as I expected, but I did put back on a lot of the weight I had previously lost. It was this aggressive activity in trying to drop a few pounds that led to my injury in the first place. By the time I arrived in Long Island City I was just in time for a beautiful sunset. I lay on the grass for a little and remembered how much I used to love these solitary trips.


Long Island City Sunset

On my return, I explored some new bike lanes by the water that had been installed over the summer. I admit, I got lost for a minute or two but stumbled across familiar railroad tracks that left me at the Pulaski Bridge. I remembered seeing a brewery below the bridge months ago and decided to pay it a visit. Transmitter Brewery was still open and the staff sat at a large table drinking to what looked like the end of a long day. I bought two beers, one dark for Marisa, one light for me. They brew on location and I’m looking forward to opening it later tonight.

S1 Mahogany Saison

S1 Mahogany Saison

When I got home I collapsed on the couch. I was totally drained and feel I have a long way to go before I can brush off a +20K cycle. It felt good to have my mobility back again though. Hopefully as my hip and legs get stronger I can take in a few more sunsets before the winter sets in.

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