It’s cool enough now to turn off our clanking 80’s air conditioner that’s been buzzing all day. All I can hear is crickets and the ocean. The place where we’re staying is pretty much deserted, most now having left for home. The lights stay on like a ghost ship but I only see two other apartments with people inside. Across the green I can see a large fat man aggressively watching television while an american flag flaps around in the wind on his balcony. He must have brought it with him. I’m guessing it’s an action movie because the light reflecting off his pale exposed upper arms and face indicate gunfire and explosions. He’s not someone I ever want to have to tell a long story to.

It’s pitch dark now and strange lights drift far out at sea. Once brilliant, now pale as a day moon. I found a new beer today and it’s a discovery that will take me to sleep. I didn’t have a good one last night. Montauk Driftwood, tastes divine.


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