The Red Entity

A few nights ago I had a dream that felt so real I was never entirely sure that I woke up at all. It was around 11.30 when I heard a noise in my kitchen. This was unusual as Marisa was away for the weekend visiting her mother. When I entered the kitchen to investigate, I saw the outline of a woman underneath a blood red sheet at the stove. Although no features were visible, I knew it was aware of me and that I was of it. I turned to the table and picked up a salt shaker to throw at it. Not sure why exactly, although I was pretty scared of what was in front of me. When I turned back the woman-shaped sheet had spread out into a perfect square. It took up most of the kitchen wall. A deep, blood-red square. I threw the salt shaker as hard as I could and the sheet violently pulled a corner in to avoid being hit. It just hung there, silently. I could feel its confusion and I’m sure it could tell I was scared. The next morning I woke up and presumed it was a dream.

Marisa came home and Sunday night we watched TV together. I missed her while she was away. Two nights without your wife can be a strange feeling after spending the last ten years doing prettying much everything together. We retired to bed and I had trouble sleeping. I tried everything but my mind seems to be most active at night and it’s often a battle to wrestle some peace from it. After returning from the bathroom I tried in vain to enter a sleep I desperately needed. I’m not sure how long it took my eyes to adjust to the dark but there it was again, the Red Entity. An almost perfect square of blood red cloth sitting on top of Marisa’s wardrobe staring featureless down on us both. It knew I saw it but it never moved. It just watched us in silence and I felt that it was content in doing so forever. My alarm rang out and I was sitting at the edge of my bed. I looked to the top of the wardrobe and it was gone. A silly thing to do really, it was obviously a dream. But unlike previous dreams the details never faded, almost like a real waking memory.

I have a busy week ahead of me and I hope I don’t meet the Red Entity again. I’m not sure if it symbolizes anything or is some sort of echo or ghost emanating deep from my subconscious. All I know is that it wants to be left alone and that’s exactly what I’ll do wherever I meet it again.

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