Last night I got around to recording a demo of a song I wrote for the next Supersmall record. It’s nice to have the home studio up and running again but I had forgotten how much work went into even the simplest of recordings. After a few beers, “Between The Sun And Candlelight” was finished. I’m not sure if i’ll keep the name, sounds a little heavy to be honest. Then again, it was written during a bizarre existential crisis. Reading too much dark literature, overdosing on science documentaries and someone close passing will do that. It’s over now but the song is an interesting snapshot I’ve decided to keep.

Due to office renovations and a nagging hip problem I have been working from home on and off recently. It’s not as much fun as it sounds. Time slows, work piles up and neighbors sometimes  scream in foreign tongues outside on the street. I need to rest this hip so it will be the couch, Boards of Canada and this laptop for the next two days.

Supersmall is still on hiatus as a full band (I’m still gigging) until the next record is ready for the studio. Looking back we did go a little crazy on promoting the first one but we loved every minute of it. I think the next time around i’ll have an even better idea in how to promote our music. Daniela’s work schedule has made it almost impossible to play together for the last few months and even snatching a random rehearsal is still rolling a dice. Late July seems to be opening up just in time for me to present the new songs. I look forward to us hashing through the material, drinking whisky and picking out what we want to record as an album.

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, i’ve now been a vegetarian for two weeks. Well, Marisa became a vegetarian which means I am now too. I thought I would give it a go and see how I feel. I was sure that by now i’d have given up and have already wolfed down a cheese burger at The Neptune Diner but I honestly don’t miss it at all. If anything, it’s made me more attentive to the food that I eat. There really isn’t a good selection of vegetarian food out there that’s quick and easy. I find myself planning my meals a little better and making sure i’m getting all the nourishment that I need. I’ve even read some of those blogs by angry outdoorsy folk that try to convince you that seaweed will make you happy and fix all the broken things inside your soul, or something. They’re quite awful actually, both the people and their recipes. I end up just eating a little more of what I love that didn’t contain meat. Have you ever eaten delicious left over Indian or Chinese food only to remember that you’d drunkenly eaten all the chicken in it the night before, but you eat it anyway and it’s still good? That’s what being a vegetarian feels like, lacking but acceptable.  It’s like making love to the woman of your dreams while in the back of your head you know that she never got over her Ex.  This feeling is also known as “Wholewheat”, “Beans”, “Newsletter”, “Conference Call” and “Candle Shop staffed by volunteers”.  It will take time i’m sure, but I can’t deny that I feel better.

Yesterday I was asked what color I thought the office should be and I said ‘Blue’, my favorite color. When I arrived at work today it was painted blue. I feel like Alexander The Great.

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