Building a Guitar One Lunch Break at a Time.

Colin Dempsey

 Fender Telecaster
Early last year I decided to get myself what I considered to be one of the most beautiful and classic guitars of all time. A Fender Telecaster. The only problem was when I done my research I could never find one that had all the specs or was in the color I wanted. I was drawn to the 1952 vintage reissue spec wise but unfortunately, it was not in the color I wanted. On the rare occasion I found something close, the price tag started off at a whopping $2,200.00 plus. Was color a big issue? Yes. I wanted the guitar in classic powder blue, otherwise known as sonic blue. This was one of the standard colors they painted the Cadillac DeVille. A classic car I’ve loved since I was young. The combination of sonic blue, white and chrome to me is simply stunning.
1959 Chevrolet Impala…

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