April 30th, 2014

It has been raining all day. Last night the temperature dropped and I was glad of the extra blankets and pillows I usually give Marisa a tough time about that rule our bed. I was running late this morning so I grabbed a cab, but it was mostly because I have developed an almost gut-bursting dread of the Q18 bus. The scenery between Astoria and Ridgewood has finally worn a hole through my eyes into my brain and now touches all nerves. The scenic BQE to exit 39E has become a paradise. After work, I stopped off at Sweet Afton for a burger and a beer which is becoming a pleasant mid-week habit. It has just enough patrons at 6.30 to create a warm atmosphere but not enough to distract me from the writing I try to get done. To be honest, I wonder if I ever get anything of any real value achieved while sitting at a bar. A line of lyrics here and there perhaps, an idea I promise myself i’ll pursue once I get home but rarely do. I think I just do it because I like being alone around other people.  I do this a lot. Yesterday I bounced around the lower east side killing time before a show I wanted to check out. A Heavy Metal BBQ, various Tattoo parlors, Art Galleries and high-end restaurants experienced my fat face pressed against their windows to block the daylight so I could peer inside. Hmm, Interesting. After making some future purchase mental notes (cool hand-made decals for my guitar case) in a lesbian bookstore I landed in some Irish pub I couldn’t tell was new or had just recently been cleaned. The barman was from Dublin and recommended the “Irish” chicken curry. It was as processed and artificial as every Irish mother ever made it. I loved it. It was terrible and it felt like home. After the show I’d been waiting to see I caught a cab on Houston and came home as the rain started up, the same rain that’s been falling all day today. Tomorrow it’s May and it will make it six months of winter in New York. I’m not complaining, the weather has never effected my mood but I do long for the sun on my skin and long sweaty walks to Williamsburg cooled by icy outdoor beers near the river. As I write this my street is turning into a river and i’m getting flood warnings on my phone. The metal awnings along the street ring like applause and I wonder if i’m seeing the same show.

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