I have completely neglected this blog for the last few months but for a very good reason this time. My band Supersmall has been taking up pretty much all of my time. We released our debut record back in July and although we got off to a slow start the band is now busy with shows and working on new material. I generally write about it on the band website but thought I would do so here.  It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was trying to get songs together and working on them with Daniela at Funkadelic Studios. Now we have a full schedule, most of what has been confirmed is already up on the calendar, and a couple of really nice write-ups under our belt. A show in Canada, a music video and a new album is also in the works. We even started getting paid to perform which is a nice surprise considering we’ve only been playing for six months or so.

One of the stranger things to have happen was a college radio station in Indonesia start playing our record. Now I get messages from young kids that I need to run through google translate, which always mangles it into a hilarious, barley comprehensible statement. My favorite so far is “You handsome band music”. Nice, I took it as a compliment. We reached #3 in the NYC Reverbnation folk charts and continue to sell our music pretty consistently online and after shows. We worked really hard on the record and feel that for once (speaking for myself here) that its paying back exponentially. It’s been a series of interesting little adventures and meeting new and interesting folk along the way.

As I write this i’m sitting at the back of Cafe Bar, a place I go to write. I should be working on a novella “The Residual” which I’ve been putting together since 2011 and (for some unknown reason) told almost no one about. I’m excited to be writing so consistently but to be honest my mind wanders back to the band, our next show, the long list of half written songs and incomplete lyrics that need to be fixed. I know I’ll finish The Residual eventually, I always finish stuff, even if its torture. It hasn’t been though.

One of the many highlights that stood out was This Other World making the editor of’s top 13 independently released records of 2013 . has been around since ’96 and is one of the oldest online music magazines. It was a nice email to get during the polar vortex that was freezing over New York and my mood in general.

Right, that’s all I’m writing today.

Supersmall @ Pianos Bar, NYC.

Supersmall @ Pianos Bar, NYC.

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