I’ve been pretty bad at updating this blog as of late. Anyway, I done a fun show Monday night called Talk Therapy which is hosted by the charming Lori Baird at the Three of Cups. We knew each other through Facebook but the show was our first real life interaction. I told the story of my childhood Kleptomania which has not seen a real audience outside that of various open mics I sometimes frequent around the city. The show went well and I got a cookie and a beer for my troubles. I’m currently on an Irish diet (beer only once a week) but I wolfed both down, the cookie I must mention was particularly delicious. After the show I hopped in a cab and shot across town to the west village to catch the end of my mate, The Bitter Poet’s E.P. release at The Four Faced Liar. All in all a fun night.

Talk Therapy

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