Album: Silent Moon – Day #1

Last week we returned to the studio to begin recording our first full length album, currently titled Silent Moon. Unlike This Other World which was pretty much recorded in a single day, we are spending several months on this one. The songs we have written so far sound quite different from the previous record and it will be interesting to see how they turn out after more time is invested in them. Our first day consisted of laying down separate scratch tracks (guitar, drums & vocals) for Home and Free From Harm. This will allow us to separate each instrument and vocal as needed (all sync perfectly in timing) allowing us to return to re-record each one again with more care and attention. This Other World was essentially a live recording with all the tracks bleeding into each other making it harder to edit, with Silent Moon we hope to be a little more versatile with the production. Lane our engineer and keyboardist helped re-write the ending to Home which was a little long to be honest. Anyway, It was a fun day and we took some silly photos and posted them below:

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