Writing for the sake of writing.

I promised myself I would at least try to write something on my lunch break today and here it is. I’ve been so caught up with my band that I have barely had a chance to do anything else. I’ve managed to do the rare storytelling gig but it has mostly been music and I’m loving it. We return to the studio on November 19th to begin work on our full length album. This time we are spreading it out over several months, a day here and there to spend a little more time on each song. Between now and then I’ll be making demos and trying to write new songs. So far I have four I’m excited about.

Friends and family came to visit and I had a glorious time putting all the weight back on that I’d previously lost while enjoying their company. I’m now back on the bike and walking wherever possible, while eating as best I can. Slowly I’m getting there, very slowly (Damn you beer!).

This year has mostly been about the band but I shall write about that on the band website, the reviews have been positive and the opportunities that have opened up for us along the way has brought me a renewed sense of confidence.

Yesterday I spent the day clearing out the small room I write and play music in. It was liberating removing large sections of my past in bags from the apartment. All that remains now is a desk, a piano and a few guitars, a notebook and pen. I felt no nostalgia for any of the items from the past that I discovered in the back of drawers or hidden in folders. I guess that’s the strongest sign that I’m happier now than I’ve ever been at anytime in the past. Although, I wouldn’t mind being 40lbs lighter though.

There, I wrote something.

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