Update – What have I been doing?

I’ve been off this thing for quite a while now but that’s not to say that I have not been busy. Coming soon is a new and more integrated website with all my shenanigans attached to it, if you’re interested of course. My band Supersmall released it’s CD (finally) and the response was above and beyond what we expected. You can check out the shows we are booked for on our website along with all our news and updates at www.supersmallmusic.com

Despite all the band work I’ve managed to keep at the writing whenever I can. A recent trip to Phoenicia upstate meant we were isolated in the woods with no cell phone coverage or Internet. I got stuck into a few chapters of something I’ve been working on while sitting on the balcony listening to the river that ran through our property and occasionally looking up into acres of dark forest around us. It was some long overdue peace and quiet. It was our first vacation in a long time just the two of us. Being married to a writer means we spent a lot of our days in silence tapping out our ideas on our laptops and then celebrating our efforts over cold beers at night. We even spent Sunday with a realtor checking out cabins for a possible future purchase. To be honest, I was afraid I might never want to leave.

Marisa’s illness has pretty much left us and normalcy has returned. It was understandably an incredibly stressful time but I have my wife back and that’s all that matters now. Shock Horror: I lost ten pounds in my latest efforts to get in shape and have even managed to cut back on the beer a little (Phoenicia being a recent exception). I know, it’s a crazy world. Even more insane is that I’ve ran a few 5K’s and have not died!

Family came to visit, I had music and storytelling shows and I even had a short story published online on my favorite comedy website (but I posted about that already). So this year is definitely turning out to be a very productive one. In September two of my favorite folk, Georgina and Rory are coming with us to Montauk. There are no words to explain how much we are looking forward to that.

And that’s that. As I’ve said, I started this blog as a writing exercise so I was feeling guilty about, well, not writing on it. I thought I’d write this on my lunch break at work. I got caught out in the thunder storm just now so I’m typing this with a towel around me trying to dry off.

Soon I’ll set up the new and improved website and mothball this one. I hope you’ll like it, yes you, my legions of fans and army of admirers.

I’ll leave you with a little picture I took on Monday at Jones Beach. I had the day off and drove to the beach and read/wrote/ate peanuts all afternoon. Just looking at it calms me. That’s the thing about writing (music or stories) – you can really make your workspace as beautiful as you like.

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