Wow, where has the time gone? I’ve been trying to keep this up to date but the last few weeks have been very busy. Marisa (my wife) has been incredibly sick, more than I’ve ever seen her in the nine years we’ve been together. She’s on the mend after many, many doctor visits and a trip to the hospital. I’m trying to be a good husband or at least trying not to be as much of a pain in the ass than usual. Anyway, it looks like we are in the clear and even managed a healthy stroll through Central Park on Sunday. Since she returned home after recuperating at her parents (they have access to a pool and other cool stuff) I can get back to writing, music and most importantly, not worrying.

The good news is we are finally in the last stretch.We are scheduled to master the record next Tuesday the 19th at The Engine Room. Our producer said he would come along and lend us an extra pair of ears, nice. All we have to do then is finalize our playlist, get the artist to add it to the E.P. cover and send it to the printers. From start to finish the whole project will have taken a year to complete from starting this band to releasing the record. We had some delays and frustrations along the way but it was overall, a wonderful experience and I look forward to recording more music in the future.

Little did I know starting this project that it would be such a vital distraction during Marisa’s illness, something to focus on and look forward to finishing. I’m especially glad that I included the song I wrote for her.

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