Sunday Bike Ride (Sunday)

Today I did my usual Sunday afternoon bike ride. It’s become a habit for years now. The layout of the day remains the same: Wake up, make (Barry’s) tea (or drink Marisa’s coffee) and watch The Late Late Show, an Irish chat show from the previous Friday night that keeps me up to date with all the usual gobshite (pointless) Irish celebrities from home. I skip through most of it to be honest (Host is unwatchable/celebrities are crap). I decided to take some pics for today’s trip. I also experimented around with different photo-effects which will explain why each one is different (I’m not on drugs).

Every Sunday Morning. 

First stop was Socrates Sculpture Park (former rubbish tip) where I met Frank (possible alias), an old Mexican man who spent 30 minutes (a full half hour!) showing off his ‘vintage’ (rubbish) bike only to tell me later that he stole it (long story but basically he stole it). He had a pair of radio headphones (from the eighties) that he bought from the local catholic church (c*nts) flea market (bedbug hive). He doesn’t wear them while cycling though because that’s against the law, Frank (criminal) says he respects the law (go work the f*ck out of that). He was a nice man (non-violent) but lonely and old and quite frankly just wanted to talk all day to anybody (mental). Considering the head-space I have been in as of late, I got on my bike (that I bought from a shop with my own money) and cycled away while he was still talking.   

Goodbye Frank

I was on my way to Williamsburg (favorite place) but remembered that I spent Saturday (favorite day  – I was born on a saturday) being drunk (favorite thing) there and decided to visit Roosevelt Island instead (I have never been drunk there, ever, I swear). After cycling around the northern part (loud families screaming) I swung south and discovered that The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park (Jesus, these f*cking names – I could do better*) although not officially open, was open. I cycled in.

*Freedom America Hero Liberty Winning Hulk Hogan The Best Park
Manhattan in The Distance.
I like These Flowers.
Empty Park, Empty Seats
Ruins of The Renwick Smallpox Hospital 
Roosevelt Island Bridge Going Home
Water Below
Queensborough Bridge
Entrance to Roosevelt Island

On the way back I decided to swing by (my all time favorite place) The Noguchi Museum (church) as I do almost every week (whenever possible). I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (Too lazy to write). A truly magically space (Can’t explain why I love it so much).

2 thoughts on “Sunday Bike Ride (Sunday)

  1. “*Freedom America Hero Liberty Winning Hulk Hogan The Best Park”

    Love it.

    I wonder why you have bonded with the Noguchi so much? I wouldn't want to figure it out, though, if I were you. Keep enjoying the magic.


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