Studio Visit.

Yesterday I payed a visit to the studio. I met Lane, the Producer/Engineer and liked him immediately because the first thing he pointed out on the studio tour was the ‘artist’s bar’. It was stocked heavily with bourbon & gin, how could you not like his guy? We spoke for well over an hour about the record, the process involved and the possibility of perhaps bringing in other musicians. The main thing was that we got on very well and had a lot in common. Honestly, that was the most important factor.

As luck would have it, Lane is a classically trained jazz pianist and agreed to play on the record. This is a huge relief as I really wanted keyboards on the songs.

So it’s confirmed now for Sunday, July 1st, 11am – 7pm at Moon Lab Studios.

Daniela seemed happy with my findings, all I have to do now is get the music together. I have a feeling it will be fun.

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