Goodbye Old Friend (2009) – Demo

I wrote this over three years ago and I never got a chance to record it. It became part of my set list and I performed it a bunch of times on various shows around the city. It done okay, nobody loved it, nobody hated it. Last Saturday night I recorded a quick demo of it. My voice is off and I could do a better job overall but I’m trying not to be perfectionist about everything. My main goal is to start writing or recording the stuff I’ve been carrying around in my head for years, half written songs or worse still, completed ones. 

I’m finding it a little harder to balance the day job and doing what I love. I feel that someday I will seize up and grind to a stop like the Q Train at Ditmars. Last Saturday night I drank too much wine trying to find the energy to sit at a computer for a few hours recording numerous tracks only to end up using four of them. I’m glad I got it down though. I’ve regretted in the past losing that melody or chord sequence because I never recorded the tune. I sing into my iPhone like a lunatic whenever it takes me and write in an assortment of notebooks scattered around the apartment for fear of losing ‘the next new thing’. 

I’m tired and you can hear it in the song, at least I can. The song is about a friend who didn’t pursue what he loved and took what I presumed was the easy route. I don’t think I would write this song now to be honest, not after a night like last Saturday.

Good Bye Old Friend – C. Dempsey 2009
Goodbye old friend and ghosts of good times past,
You faded through the years and disappeared at last,
Now you’re a stranger I know every thing about,
Looking for a reason and finding shadows of the past.

Everything is changing,
Everything but you,
When darkness falls inside my heart I go walking back to you.

Na Na Na Na Na

You’re better as a memory, less now as a friend,
I look to where you used to be, these phantom pains won’t end,
Then you go and lose yourself to a safer side of life,
Like a pleasant dream that leaves you in the darkest part of night.

Everything is changing,
Everything but you,
When darkness falls inside my heart I go walking back to you.

Na Na Na Na Na

What we had, was a house of cards,
We built in bars all around this town,
Mother’s ruin, long afternoons,
Hearts confessed, times I won’t forget, no I wont forget at all.

Na Na Na Na Na 

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